Drone Operations in the Oil & Gas Industry

[ June 28th, 2018] Through this podcast, Richard Schutte, Chief Pilot at Viper Drones, shares his experience of drone operations in the Oil & Gas industry and covers the recurring question of intrinsic safety.

With a drone filming background, Richard Schutte, Chief Pilot at Viper Drones, started operating drones and performing missions for Oil & Gas major back in 2013. In this podcast, Richard and Marc exchange on different recurrent topics specific to drone operations in an Oil & Gas setting. Different topics are address such as:

  • Intrinsic safety
  • How to prepare the environment to allow drone inspection
  • Benefits of using drones for indoor inspection in Oil & Gas
  • How to work with Oil & Gas major to push drone inspection services through

And if you want to learn more about how drones are used in pressure vessel and storage tanks you check our case studies.

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